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Facebook Clone Script in PHP

What is Facebook Clone?

There are many social networking sites which help in communication and share information. Facebook is the social networking website. It is the world’s most popular open - source platform for connecting with your friends, family members, colleagues and also with the strangers whom we even don’t know. It includes like video chat, status updates, groups, sharing of videos and photos, events, searching friends list and much more.

Facebook clones are now becoming part of our day to day life as it is used by millions of people every day. It creates communication tool to interact socially. Facebook contains an innovative feature to create community based on different categories. Facebook clone is nothing but just a social networking site with identical and similar platform like Facebook. Which is also similar to Facebook Php script.

Facebook clone is an innovative social networking script which allows you to make your own website just identical to Facebook. An informal communication site is an online stage that permits clients to make an open profile and interface with different clients on the site.

Interpersonal interaction sites for the most part have another client enter a rundown of individuals with whom they share an association and after that permit the general population on the rundown to affirm or deny the association.

After associations are built up, the new client can look the systems of his associations with make more associations. A person to person communication webpage may likewise be known as a social site or a long range interpersonal communication site.

The utilization of web based online networking projects to make associations with companions, family, colleagues, clients and customers. Long range informal communication should be possible for social purposes, business purposes or both.

Interpersonal interaction implies the creation and support of individual and business connections particularly on the web. Person to person communication sites permit clients to be a piece of a virtual group.

Through interpersonal interaction sites, clients can impart their lives to other individuals without expecting to create and distribute their own particular home pages. These sites likewise give a critical connecting component between clients that permits companions to discuss specifically with each other.

Facebook Clone is a prominent informal organization script created in jQuery, PHP and MySQL. This item is viewed as the best in classification. We offer broad customization (outline and improvement) of this item at least charges.

Features of Facebook Clone

  • Post Updates
  • Enlistment with name, email and date of birth
  • User can include various school, school, college with begin and end year or present tag
  • User can include numerous organizations with assignment, begin and end year or present tag
  • Contact data, similar to versatile, address, city, nation, email can be private, friends or open
  • Post status with or without picture
  • Posts can be open, just me or friends
  • Like, comments, share
  • Tag friends
  • Accept request or delete request
  • Report misuse
  • Share pictures
  • Set any picture as profile picture
  • Make Albums. Make it private, friends or open
  • Share pictures in collections
  • Permit/refuse posts on timeline
  • Notifies when anybody tags me
  • Notifies when anybody posts on my course of events
  • Notifies when anybody likes on my posting
  • Notifies when anybody likes my comments or posts

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Here is the overview of Facebook Clone Script in terms of functionality and scripting. One can easily customise and integrate this Facebook Clone with their desired layout. This Facebook Clone comes with CMS which makes easy for the owner/admin to manage whole site as well as other users.

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