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A student portal is an online gateway where students can log into a school website to access important program information. It provides an interactive platform for skilled staffs to access student information on their fingertips. It provides the administration and the staff the latest student information accessible always. The database of the student includes all the details of the students like address, parent details, remarks of the students, contact numbers etc. whole this database will be connected to students daily activity in the school. Information of students fees can also be added into the system by the administrator easily. During the academic year the data entered about attendance, grades, projects everything will be available on the database up to date.

Sxopewords is a management system for the Web generation.We have developed it considering the future of education system. It is a red carpet for students, tutors and school system which leads to life with better education and stronger foundation. Now, no kid will get bored of learning. Sxopewords is fun to use with so many interactive functionalities.

Systematize The Educational Process

Sxopewords provides a platform with flexibility and freedom resulting into less set of rules and a standardized way of working. Sxopewords helps in standardizing the whole process of schooling system by setting protocols with ease and reduced documentation. Using this documentation for future is just some clicks away.

Building Solid Foundation

Sxopewords helps one to build a strong foundation in education field whether that is a student or a School, Sxopewords is for all. It utilizes the best software technology in the IT world.

How we are Better?

Educational portal is designed considering all the aspects of future. With Sxopewords you get to use all the features previously used in a much better way by making the best use of technology. The best schools in the world have Sxopewords, now you too have it just a touch away.

Advanced Features- Sxopewords is Developed with fruitful features that will yield results for years from now. Features which lack in competitor applications are all eradicated here. All the combined features of Sxopewords makes the Education system more stronger from the roots.

Training - All the users i.e; the students, parents, tutors and the admin will be given training and access to training materials will be made available 24*7. A walkthrough of the system considering you as the user of the system and helping you learn the system step by step all comes FREE here.

Timely Upgrades - We regularly upgrade Sxopewords with the best and latest practise ongoing in the market. Helping the schools to sustain in the competitive market without any extra cost or efforts.

24*7 Support - We have a dedicated support system to enable you resolve any query you have or any problem faced. Support will be provided through the call or through email.

Our Key Features


Gradebook online!! Now,no parents will have to wait for the report card to be handed over on hand to them. Tutors can calculate the marks and convert into Gradebook online from Sxopewords and with a single click the gradebook get submitted to Parents and Students instantly. Sounds Good? Much more such functionalities in the queue.

Homeworks and Projects

Create assignments and make them reach to the students in a flicker of an eye, whether it is a Graphical Diagram or a documentation. The teacher can now submit the assignments online to students.What makes it more powerful is the functionality that enables the students as well as the parents to see the assignment status and the respective remark given for the same. Now No More Excuses Kiddos!!!


Live access to students attendance is a gold worth module. Tutors can fill in the attendance of students online. Parents would be able to see the attendance of student. Email and Sms alert will be sent to the parents of the students holding less attendance. No more Class Bunks!!

Social Learning

Introducing the future of education by social learning, it's facebook for learning. Students can showcase their skills, share documents, share their projects while Teachers can moderate the interaction and can give their valuable views for the students works.

Platform for skilled staff to access student information on their fingertips. It provides the administration and the staff the latest student information accessible always. The database of the student includes all the details of the students like address, parent details, remarks of the students, contact numbers etc. whole this database will be connected to students daily activity in the school. Information of students fees can also be added into the system by the administrator easily. This student data amalgamation will be the backbone of students education career. During the academic year the data entered about attendance, grades, projects everything will be available on the database up to date.

Benefits to Administration and Tutors

No more hectic file or register management. No more bulk of files on your front end desk. Sxopewords will serve as the central depository for everyone. Making reports from the central database for grades, attendance, discipline etc is made easy task now. Sxopewords reduces the whole tiresome process and makes it more productive and efficient and discards the need of contacting different people and searching for data on file.

Benefits to Parents

Parents are also benefited from this. All the information about your kids are on your finger tips now. You do not need to have a special trip to meet the class teacher now. The best thing about this is having a track on the student's grade, attendance and home work. This helps the parents to keep a track of their kids academic growth.

School Management System

School management system where in the admin the school can manage all the day to day activity of the school in reference to the students and tutors. Admin can track the progress of every student individually.

Parent Reminders

Admin can send reminders to parents about anything. Like suppose a group of students have pending fees admin can generate a common message for the same and can send it through the system and through SMS as well.

Fees Management

Admin can manage the Fees of individual students here. Admin can see the number of students whose fees is received and whose fees in pending, even can filter the result as per the class, batch and can also send reminders to student and Parents from the same portal about the fees being pending.

Parents Portal

A powerful tool of Sxopewords - The parents portal. This makes the parents communication easy, it acts as a platform that gives an access of their child’s academic information 24*7*365, helping them to stay connected to the students daily activity and co-relate with them. All the information viewable by the parents are customisable by the administrators which includes the student Calendar, Attendance sheet, Announcements and all the basic information of the parents and students.

Progress Tracking

Commonly parents need to wait for the students to bring the grade sheets, notes, remarks assignment details and rely on them only. Sometimes calling up tutors or special visits to schools is also done, with Sxopewords no more waiting for getting information from students for getting information. Instead Guardians can get any needed information on any instinct on there computer or phone.

Open Communication

Communication with tutors is also made easy through internal communication methodology, parents can stay connected to any teacher through internal messaging system. This is upcoming functionality only a Best Education Software can provide. Sometimes it happens that students and even parents have doubts regarding some thing and through this it can be sorted out much quickly saving time of the teacher and parents as well. This direct line of communication can help the student to progress good.


The most worthy time of the classroom session is recorded for reporting purpose that is attendance. With Sxopewords we have a highly advanced tool to maintain the record of attendance of a student in each lecture.Every parent want his kid to attend the class to its maximum because of the highly enriched education given in the classroom. Now with the attendance module of Sxopewords teacher can feed the attendance of the student online and soon after submitting the report it's viewable to parents and students as well.

Benefits to Students and Parents

Maintaining a record of one’s attendance is easy now. Student can track things which was missed during the absence and can cop up with what was taught during that time. While Parents can see the attendance record for understanding the progress of the student. Notification for students whose attendance is low will help parents to maintain students attendance.


Simplifying the grading system, now tutors can does not need to take the pain of calculating the results. Input the marks achieved and you get the result calculated automatically and efficiently. Enter the marks achieved by the students and the Grade book will be generated on the go. The Grade book of the students will be submitted in such an elegant manner that the prints of the grade book is easy do able and that can be kept for documentation purposes by the student. School can customise the Grade book template as per their requirements and which suits their profile.

Online Submission

Grade book can be submitted to the parents and students with a single click. Generate the grade book for all the students hit submit and all your students will receive the copies of the grade book. If any query is arise regarding the grade book then parents can submit their queries from the parents portal. Now teaches can manage their time more on making assignments and teaching else then making paper piles for generating results.

Home Work

This section make the assignment, worksheets, Homework available to students and parents 24*7. Now no students is going to give the excuse that i did not get the assignment or i was unaware. Tutors can post assignments with guidelines or instructions to complete those and the time frame in which it has to be completed. No excuse like “I did not know” or “I forgot ” will work here as the assignments will be alway available in the system, parents can track that which assignment have been completed and which are still pending. With the communication tool any doubt arises can be solved quickly but asking that to the teacher.

Benefits for Parents

Assignment tracking is a great tool for the parents who want to see the progress of their kids. With this feature they can check the assignment done status of the student on regular basis to get an understanding how the student is performing. Even the grades giving for respective assignment can be tracked to see how well the kid is performing. Parents can grade the quality of working being submitted to kids as homework to understand the level of standards quality work being submitted.


An academic calendar that has a log of each and every activity of the academic year. Every student has his own individual calendar where all the schedule noting can be done. Suppose a student has a test on so and so date, tutors can log in the date and the students enrolled in respecting subject can view that on the calendar. Students can even log their individual entries like if a student has a presentation to be done on a date, he can log it there so no need to remember the date of the presentation. Multiple events can be created on a single date which helps to keep in track multiple events no the same day. Sxopewords automatic scheduler with a single click of button enters all the entries in the calendar with a single click.

Internal Messaging and Group

Communication is a crucial aspect of one's career. Students communication with tutors, tutors communication with parents etc all is a must to track students progress. Sxopewords communication system gives you 24*7 access to get in touch of parents, tutors, admin and event the students. With Sxopewords one can send messages or emails to any other user of the system. This functionality reduces or we can saves the time which can be utilized for making assignments attendance old. Now no teacher needs to call every student for informing something urgent and same way no parent will need to take time and visit the school as communication is just a click away.

Benefits to Tutors

Now tutors can send messages to parents of any student personally to communicate anything. No time wasting for calls resulting into improved communication system with better efficiency.


Formation of groups is easy task now. Now students can work on a assignment in respective groups. Teachers can create parents group as well so for sending a message a teacher does not have to select an individual person every time.

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